Vintage Door Lock Restoration for 2020 - How to restore a Door Lock

Pubblicato il 17 gen 2020
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In this video i'm restoring a rusty and broken Vintage Door Lock.

I found this Door Lock at flea market and cost me $2.
Right away i knew that i can make a nice restoration video for you.
Inside i decide to protect with bluing metode.
This Restoration took me 5 days to complete.
I like so much this door lock and will be next to my other restoration for display on my shelf.

I hope you like my work and my video.
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Huge Thank you to all my Patreon and Paypall Supporters!

Time and costs of this restoration:
I was working on this project for 5 days
$ 2 door lock
$ 15 handles

My Camera:
Canon G7x Mark 2 :

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TysyTube Restoration
  • TysyTube Restoration

    TysyTube Restoration

    10 mesi fa

    Thank you for watching my video! After you finish watching you should check this Yellowed Playstation PS1 here: 😎🥰

    • joaseth k

      joaseth k

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      Gonna replace the capacitor? (5:36)

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      albert fedor

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    • The_winged_demon


      3 mesi fa

      @TysyTube Restoration OMG YOU REPLIED! I love your videos! Also that's nice to know. Sometimes I think people want it back because you made it look nice or just better in general. Also why do you never use your bare hands when sandblasting?

    • TysyTube Restoration

      TysyTube Restoration

      3 mesi fa

      @The_winged_demon never, i buy from flea market

    • The_winged_demon


      3 mesi fa

      Hello, I know your not gonna answer but I will ask anyway. When you buy the things then fix them, does the person you bought it from want it back after you fixed it sometimes?

  • Chacalon


    Giorno fa

    Ese papel decorativo queda horrible, hubiera sido mucho mejor hacerlo con su color original, sin duda alguna.

  • MatyBsso1991


    4 giorni fa

    Sabes que a todos nos gusta el arenado jaja

  • Firesy


    17 giorni fa

    I bet it didn't look nearly as good as you have made here, when it was originally made

  • Jerry Hernandez

    Jerry Hernandez

    21 giorno fa

    Hi and how are you ?…. I have to say that I really enjoy watching your videos and especially what you are going to restore next.
    I have a question that I would like ask of you.
    I have 3 sons and I recently picked up 3 Tonka Truck that are in need of restoration. I would love to give to my sons for Christmas as a present. I have seen you work on Tonka’s before and I would greatly appreciate it if you would do this for me. Please let me know ASAP
    Thank you. Jerry

  • Some Person⚇

    Some Person⚇

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    Now send it to LPL 🙂



    Mese fa


  • Amanda Smith

    Amanda Smith

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    My fav part is sandblasting, the hubby loves polishing and blueing…… we look forward to those parts!! Please post more videos, we are running out of content!!! 😁😁

  • Aliénor PARIEL

    Aliénor PARIEL

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    Tu devrais vendre tes objets après restauration 👍🤩

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    Mohammad javad Hosseinzadeh

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  • Scp-049


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    I don't see the point of the wallpaper but it's nice I guess.

  • Satan’s Niffler

    Satan’s Niffler

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    I would LOVE locks like this and the key 😍😍

  • Gacha Angle

    Gacha Angle

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    When he was using the box cutter on it to remove the stuff I freaked I was like NOO U GUNNA SCRACH IT but I remembered it’s and and it’s in not so good condishin anyway but I’m happy with how it turned out good job srry for spelling i suck at it
    But I really don’t get the point of the wall paper

  • Christina King

    Christina King

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    I actually love the wallpaper on this. Awesome design. Great job!

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    Clara Tupy

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    vim pelo t3ddy :)

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      Eu tbm

  • Jorj Cattocotti

    Jorj Cattocotti

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    Absolutly amazing video I love the Art Deco wallpaper that is an amazing idea to make it blend into a room im so glad i stumbled apon your chanal you work is amazing

  • Ryder Wells

    Ryder Wells

    2 mesi fa

    I had one kinda like this but without the key cover idk if it's still there because the house burnt down

  • Mystery


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    hmm all of it

  • Gorrie Wong

    Gorrie Wong

    2 mesi fa

    why there is two video thumbnail which cover the content of the video?i know you want audience to watch your next video, but it really make this video incomplete. if you really want to have these thumbnail, why don’t you extent the video several second with black background?

  • Chenoa Kurtay

    Chenoa Kurtay

    2 mesi fa

    What does sandblasting do exactly?🤔

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    BluJay 130

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    I love the sand blasting

  • Katie Freisinger

    Katie Freisinger

    2 mesi fa

    What is the difference in wet sanding and dry sanding other than using water obviously

  • Katie Freisinger

    Katie Freisinger

    2 mesi fa

    Where are you from? I love your videos

  • •^•Nishinoya•^•


    2 mesi fa

    were do you people find this stuff? under the ground or a some store cuz I'm confused love the vid tho-



    2 mesi fa

    Woow wait a minutes O-O i think my friend house have that -_-"

  • Carter Hammett

    Carter Hammett

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    Bruh why is sand blasting so satisfying

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    Popcorn Tif

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    Жаль что не доступны субтитры на русском 😢

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    Dr mantaray

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    The sand blasting is so satisfying

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    Wolfie Kammacka

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    Video idea:: Do the hardest thing to can think to restore.

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    Soothing Mood

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    Kronos God of Time

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    That must be ALOT of rust remover used
    P.S I love the sandblasting part of the vids

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    Mav Miko88

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    My favorite part is the sandblasting!

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    Hi what does that little spray gun do, the one that you used in the red crate??



    3 mesi fa

    Good job

  • Keith Freeman

    Keith Freeman

    3 mesi fa

    Dude.. you wallpapered a vintage lock? Not one of your more brilliant Ideas. But, I love everything you restore. so, imperfection is allowed us humans. :)

  • Emma Jones

    Emma Jones

    3 mesi fa

    My favorite part of restoration process is the sand blasting. It’s actually soothing to me!

  • escanor Flud Loner

    escanor Flud Loner

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    Da like nesse vídeo e nos outros porque o cara ele entretém as pessoas parabéns pelos seus vídeos e a qualidade é boa muito 💯👌💯

  • Diana Ram.C.

    Diana Ram.C.

    3 mesi fa

    Reminds me of the ones we have in Mexico 🥰❤️

  • Taylor Thompson

    Taylor Thompson

    3 mesi fa

    My favorite part is when you put them in a box with inside long gloves to clean off the rust from them. It's pretty when shiny like silver.

  • Flying Pelican

    Flying Pelican

    3 mesi fa

    Its a wakandian lock

  • great teacher

    great teacher

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    Why the wallpaper ??????? Oh nooooooooooo !!!!!

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    unknown gamer

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    Sand blasting

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    Y Tb

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    bigger chungus

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    The 1.6K dislikes are all from people who are don’t know what true good content is

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    Erick RM

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    would mostly put it on like a chest mostly

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    Send this to Lock picking laywer!

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    Arleux Crack

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    My favorite Part of your restoration videos is when the thing is finished

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    ꧁ Boyfriend ꧂

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  • Delta November

    Delta November

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    We don’t wallpaper our locks here but decent job. 👍🏼

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    Cherry 7up

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    I must be the only one who actually likes how the wallpaper looks xdd

  • Josalyn Galloway

    Josalyn Galloway

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    Grace American

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    I think the most secure house will be the one with a KEY.

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    Acumi the Reaper

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  • Acumi the Reaper

    Acumi the Reaper

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    StrayWolf Music

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    matthew shepherd

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    The Juju Swing

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    I still don't understand how 1,500 people dislike this? What could you possibly dislike about this?

  • Thomas Holder

    Thomas Holder

    3 mesi fa

    whats the logic behind bluing, then oil, then primer, then paint (I'm going to act like the wallpaper didn't happen). they are all adequate rust prevention treatments that are cosmetic and acceptable on their own.... so why all of them???

  • Elaine Mickley

    Elaine Mickley

    3 mesi fa

    Thumbs down are trolls....



    3 mesi fa

    I love collecting the old fashion keys with the ornate bows. I saw one in a movie and was fascinated with the old style of keys. But unfortunately in my search for antique keys I found that most of the bows are not ornate they're just round open bows. And what you did to this door lock and key is very pretty very art deco. It reminds me of a lock door knob set that would be in a 1920s hotel.🗝️

  • Linus Knutsson

    Linus Knutsson

    3 mesi fa

    I like the duck or sandblasting cant decided



    3 mesi fa

    I'm really impressed with your use of deco paper to wrap this lock ,beautiful

  • Carla Sammons

    Carla Sammons

    3 mesi fa

    Nicely done! 👍🏻



    3 mesi fa

    Thieves will admire this lock before breaking it to enter the house.

  • Ramen Noodles

    Ramen Noodles

    3 mesi fa

    My favorite part of this one was the black magic. I don’t know how it works but it’s cool watching it change colors!

  • MelkarAslan


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    I enjoy watching the restoration process plus seeing the before and after images. I would find a door to a special room to place that on

  • Nagisa Shingetsu

    Nagisa Shingetsu

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    Favorite part? Uhm...probably the sand blasting cause it looks so pretty after it.

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    Chicken 2.0

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    Fernando Tavares

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    Which is your favorite part and why it is the sandblast?

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    My favorite part is the before and after shots and when you make totally busted stuff work

  • J Sartrean

    J Sartrean

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    I was on board until the paper wrapping on the lock body.....

  • BLU.


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    Normal people: Go to super market to buy a new door lock.
    This guy:

  • skyyfish


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    I want to watch implementation too!

  • J Clark

    J Clark

    4 mesi fa

    my favorite part of restoration is the (rare) powder coat painting!!
    Not a fan of the wallpaper... Doesn't seem like it will last long-term.

    • Baka- Sama

      Baka- Sama

      3 mesi fa

      Well,it's just for decorating i think,given that he won't use it,it'll just be on his display,it's written in the description of the video,not hating on your comment or nothing,just commenting :)

  • Prox


    4 mesi fa

    Today i discovered that my drunk braknhates sandind. It feels like ur sanding my brain 😖 (this is not a criticism im just drunk i normally love sanding parts)

  • Sergey A.

    Sergey A.

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    До последнего думал, что с обоями будет шутка.

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    Kyndall Marie

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  • September


    4 mesi fa

    My favorite part of the restoration video process is the Antioxidant Machine 😃

  • dgwachtel


    4 mesi fa

    So far I've restored many of the locks in my vintage 1870's house, both mortise and box locks. None of them were working. the front door mortise lock was quite complicated. I had to replace a broken flat spring. I used the spring from an old set of ignition points which was easily modified to be a nearly exact fit. For rust removal I use Naval Jelly and for paint removal MEC.
    I used silicon oil for lubrication but probably should have blued the parts and used dry graphite lubrication. When I have noting else to do I'll go back at do at least the front door pocket lock, which is exposed somewhat to the outside.
    The main problem is getting a locksmith to make keys for the few keys that are missing. Locksmith companies want big bucks to fabricate keys. Having new keys made will run into the hundreds of dollars for the three that are currently missing keys and I still have six locks to go. If I knew what blanks to purchase, cutting a new key would be fairly easy.
    Unfortunately I didn't record the procedures, it was before I started my youtube channel detailing the restoration of my 1950's HO scale model trains.
    I lost a seven inch adjustable wrench that was my dad's. It lain outside in the mud for at least three years. When I finally found it encrusted with about a tenth of an inch of rust. Every moving part didn't. It took a couple of days and a lot of effort to get it back to like new condition. Sometimes I just open up the tool box and admire it.
    I need to get set up for polishing and blueing though.
    I really enjoy doing these restorations and will be sure to document the cellar door mortise lock project. It should be a lot of fun.

    If I get brave, I have an 117 year old Elgin/Ball pocket watch to restore. My other pocket watch, a 127 year old Elgin "Hunter" is still running, gaining only about two minutes a day, something that could probably be adjusted out.

  • Jamey Curalli

    Jamey Curalli

    4 mesi fa

    The wallpaper really makes this! Beautiful work!

  • Nathan Gruse

    Nathan Gruse

    4 mesi fa

    the front door in a house i rented awhile back had a similar door lock on it. someone tried to break in and that door lock impeaded their progress. theses locks can be stupid strong.

  • BlackP _#1

    BlackP _#1

    4 mesi fa

    I like the sand blasting part

  • Wind Rapier

    Wind Rapier

    4 mesi fa

    So many comments disliking the wallpaper. I think it looks awesome!

  • Anneudys Heredia

    Anneudys Heredia

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    Sanblaster is my favorite part.

  • Book Steer

    Book Steer

    4 mesi fa

    Hey, why couldn't you just restore the capacitor? :-o

  • Mattias Zippert

    Mattias Zippert

    4 mesi fa

    As an amateur, I'm curious: is there a functional purpose of doing the manual scraping of the old color before sandblasting it? Wouldn't sand blasting do the same thing in the very first step?

  • William Sanborn

    William Sanborn

    4 mesi fa

    5:36 TFW Tysy receives more than 19,999 likes on this video but doesn't replace the capacitor like he promised. 😔

  • Deicy Navi

    Deicy Navi

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    When you take it apart and den put it back together all nice and shiny

  • chubby's choices

    chubby's choices

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    The before and after shots are my faves...curious if you could hear the purists out there crying in pain when u wall papered it? Lol

  • Michael Moffat

    Michael Moffat

    5 mesi fa

    Might be a stupid question but why is it called blueing when it clearly turns the metal black?

  • Fizzy Lizard

    Fizzy Lizard

    5 mesi fa

    I really enjoy watching you sandblast. It’s so satisfying

  • Alan Schlieper

    Alan Schlieper

    5 mesi fa

    Normally I love your restorations, but IMO part of the charm of these 19th century locks is their patina, which is now ruined.

  • Nicholas


    5 mesi fa

    Due to my OCD... I must say it bothered me that you did not sand blast after you took that little plate off.

  • Diva L

    Diva L

    5 mesi fa

    9:22 thats my favo part

  • astro boe

    astro boe

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    my fav parts are when you do sand blasting and all stuff with those chemicals