Iconic Bread Guillotine RAADVAD - Will cut the Bread ?

Pubblicato il 28 apr 2020
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In this video i'm restoring a Vintage RAADVAD Bread cutter
This Restoration took me 14 days to complete
I like so much this Bread cutter and will be next to my other restoration for display on my shelf.

I hope you like my work and my video.
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Time and costs of this restoration:
I was working on this project for 14 days
$25 bread slicer
$25 powder paint

My Camera:
Canon 90d - amzn.to/2Y5MosL
Macro Lens - amzn.to/2W1GVAn
35mm lens - amzn.to/2xOjfHX
50mm lens - amzn.to/2S5JUHa
Canon G7x Mark 2 - amzn.to/2Rf47IV
My new Camera Canon G7x Mark 3 - amzn.to/336NBjT
Rode VIDEOMIC NTG - amzn.to/2TEKs83

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Ring light - amzn.to/2Rflx84
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Polishing wheel - amzn.to/2KXwV7J
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zippo parts - amzn.to/2JJnOWe

TysyTube Restoration
  • TysyTube Restoration

    TysyTube Restoration

    10 mesi fa

    After You watch this Awesome video you should check my Gigantic Hammer Restoration!馃グ馃ぉ馃コ
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    • Cheese


      3 mesi fa

      @J贸zsef T贸th he can do what he wants

    • J贸zsef T贸th

      J贸zsef T贸th

      10 mesi fa

      Please don't use rust remover chemicals, you have sandblaster.

  • Jolubandeira


    17 giorni fa

    kd os br's que curte

  • TB


    17 giorni fa

    1:32 yo u lagging

  • Max Schneider

    Max Schneider

    21 giorno fa

    It is a device for chopping straw. Chopped straw is added to the feed for horses.

  • Al B Damned

    Al B Damned

    24 giorni fa

    best thing before sliced bread.

  • nikos4828


    Mese fa

    脟a c'est tr猫s dangereux, faut 锚tre s没r de soi avant de couper. Au boulot avec un massicot mon pouce a bien failli y passer alors l脿 je n'imagine pas le r茅sultat.

  • C.L Hall

    C.L Hall

    Mese fa

    You French love your bread 馃

  • Ratcum _

    Ratcum _

    2 mesi fa

    Hon hon hon, un baguette

  • Weech


    2 mesi fa

    Off with your bread!! I wonder if life would of been easier if this was a useful relic tool back during the Renaissance era. Aside from decapitations of human heads. I'm wondering if someone ever decided to use it for other purposes.

  • Caprifool


    2 mesi fa

    I'm inspired to refurbish my Raadvad now too. But what should I cut my ryebread with while I'm doing it? So I need a second one? 馃槈 I didn't know one could powder coat at such a small scale. I'll look into that, thank you. Also, I love how you reused the nails. Many would just chuck them and use new ones. A first class restoration! 馃憤

  • Sophie_HDLM


    2 mesi fa

    Mes deux cha卯nes de restaurations favorites: vous et MyMechanics

  • Kelly Mcgrew

    Kelly Mcgrew

    2 mesi fa

    A thing of beauty!

  • A1 restoration

    A1 restoration

    2 mesi fa

    really amazing project dear i like it

  • BeltSan


    2 mesi fa

    If you removed the blade part of the guillotine it would make for a cool looking weapon
    Minus the handle

  • Mr. Mania

    Mr. Mania

    2 mesi fa

    What's more french than a guillotine made spesifically for baguettes?

  • Caleb Quintana

    Caleb Quintana

    2 mesi fa

    A bread guillotine, that鈥檚 the most French thing I have heard of

  • Grace American

    Grace American

    2 mesi fa

    Smacking your hand 鈥 馃ぃ馃ぃ

  • Richard Jneider

    Richard Jneider

    3 mesi fa

    Awesome ! Looks amazing always love watching. I do wish the cut was a bit cleaner without the 鈥渟quish鈥 but that鈥檚 hard in the way it鈥檚 engineered there would have to be something directly under the bread touching it to catch it outside of the blood like a cutting board and a dangerously sharper blade. But I love it! A lot

  • Rosie Bargoed

    Rosie Bargoed

    3 mesi fa

    I鈥檇 move to France just for the bread!

  • Sir Locher

    Sir Locher

    3 mesi fa


  • Toglul


    3 mesi fa

    styler la restoration est super

  • Seth Aquauis

    Seth Aquauis

    3 mesi fa

    The fact even the original nails were used in rebuilding is why this is one of the best restoration channels out there

  • justkluzz


    3 mesi fa

    When they have kids they will probably be able to restore the toys, and probably make them better.

  • bain where is the grafic bag

    bain where is the grafic bag

    3 mesi fa

    Pp cutter

  • Gentle Probe

    Gentle Probe

    3 mesi fa

    I wanna see him upgrade the screws to Philips

  • David Augusto Jr

    David Augusto Jr

    3 mesi fa

    french history and bread was so good they made a bread guillotine

  • Skoogy Moogy

    Skoogy Moogy

    3 mesi fa

    I鈥檓 upset you didn鈥檛 bring the bread to the mic 馃帶

  • Olivier B

    Olivier B

    3 mesi fa

    Grave erreur, cette foutue manie d'adoucir les angles !
    Tu viens de flinguer le c么t茅 en contact avec la lame, r茅duisant l'efficacit茅 du cisaillement ET de l'auto aff没tage.
    Et peindre en ext茅rieur, merci la pollution, comme si on 茅tait pas assez dans la merde comme 莽a...
    Et en plus tu aiguises des deux c么t茅s, un lame biseaut茅e que d'un seul.
    Je sais pas... Mais cette fois, c'est un peu du massacre.

  • ioio 2.0

    ioio 2.0

    3 mesi fa

    Es una mierda jajajjaj

  • Vamp! Sem dente

    Vamp! Sem dente

    3 mesi fa

    *the polishing machine seeing Tysytube approaching:*
    - What will it be today, boss?

  • John Connor

    John Connor

    4 mesi fa

    Amazing work,great result !!! Best restorator ever !!!
    Ai ceva aparte,acel ceva care m膬 face s膬 urm膬resc fiecare episod cu pl膬cere !!!

  • Isabella Mas Garrido

    Isabella Mas Garrido

    4 mesi fa

    THE BREAD IS RICH馃い馃い馃い馃崬馃崬馃崬

  • yeahmhmmrightokaymhmmyeahsure


    4 mesi fa

    3:10 = Taco Bell Chronicles

  • Ivan Contreras

    Ivan Contreras

    4 mesi fa

    Haaaaa te qued贸 super chingon !!!!!!!

  • Valentino Picotti

    Valentino Picotti

    4 mesi fa

    It's so shiny

  • Well I'm me

    Well I'm me

    5 mesi fa

    My dude wtf
    This has ads like every 2min

  • jammadamma


    5 mesi fa

    That's for rugbr酶d, not baguettes lol

  • bgdavenport


    5 mesi fa

    What do you do to prevent the nails and bolts from rusting?

  • 袙懈褌邪谢懈泄 袗薪懈泻械械胁

    袙懈褌邪谢懈泄 袗薪懈泻械械胁

    5 mesi fa

    For what you buy french bread馃, if this blades made for Classic bread馃崬?

  • replicated


    5 mesi fa

    I kept reading the title as "beard" guillotine. That would be a weird thing to invent.

  • Hebonky


    5 mesi fa

    the royal baguettes hate him

  • August Hawks

    August Hawks

    5 mesi fa

    It never ceases to amaze me how you almost always reuse the old nails and screws. Very cool.

  • Emma Is Epic

    Emma Is Epic

    5 mesi fa

    Now i'm curious what kind of unforgivable crimes a loaf of bread would commit to deserve the guillotine...

  • Jaciara Soares

    Jaciara Soares

    5 mesi fa

    Ol谩 me chamo Jaciara sou Brasileira aqui da cidade de S茫o Paulo .... Minha irm茫 Alice e eu somos f茫s do seu canal ! Parab茅ns por deus lindos trabalhos de restaura莽茫o!馃槏馃挅馃挅

  • Mustafa AlHumaidi

    Mustafa AlHumaidi

    6 mesi fa


  • Gabriel Storm

    Gabriel Storm

    6 mesi fa

    Was that Breda thing from Denmark

  • Sasha Mirzayans

    Sasha Mirzayans

    6 mesi fa

    Perfect restoration and videography!

  • Bob Sponge

    Bob Sponge

    6 mesi fa

    Un petit peu molle cette baguette

  • The Imagineer

    The Imagineer

    6 mesi fa

    Hey you! Yeah you! Please go to bed it is late.

  • DN Kasorga

    DN Kasorga

    6 mesi fa

    The blades need more sharper

  • luvkaykay41


    6 mesi fa

    I love the sound the paint gun makes when you do powdercoat

  • o_o


    6 mesi fa

    This looks like an A M O G U S

  • Tatterz


    6 mesi fa

    Bruh...y did you Sharpen the blade like that. I know those stones came from a kit

  • Channel Name 鈥 10 years ago

    Channel Name 鈥 10 years ago

    6 mesi fa

    Does this works for babies too?

    • Channel Name 鈥 10 years ago

      Channel Name 鈥 10 years ago

      6 mesi fa

      Why was this hearted? Is this a yes?

  • Iridescent Seraph

    Iridescent Seraph

    6 mesi fa

    Did i just watch an asmr video?

  • Darth Orion

    Darth Orion

    6 mesi fa

    On reconna卯t l脿 la bouteille de Cristalline XD

  • PrometheusV


    6 mesi fa

    Why is this WD 40 called MC 51? :)

  • Walid Melhem

    Walid Melhem

    7 mesi fa

    賲毓賱賲 馃憤馃憤馃憤馃挜

  • Laryssa Rodrigues

    Laryssa Rodrigues

    7 mesi fa

    What鈥檚 the difference between using spray and powder to paint?

  • Ash of the night

    Ash of the night

    7 mesi fa

    Looks like a small bench

  • Th茅o Fournier

    Th茅o Fournier

    7 mesi fa

    Tu est francais

  • Aryn Holcomb

    Aryn Holcomb

    7 mesi fa

    I love that you take old things and make them new again 鉁 you can tell you have passion and talent in what you do

    • TysyTube Restoration

      TysyTube Restoration

      7 mesi fa


  • Are you really dead?

    Are you really dead?

    7 mesi fa

    If you ever wanted to take an apprentice underneath your wing, i would drop my life in a heartbeat to learn the tysy way.

  • Carla Lazzari

    Carla Lazzari

    7 mesi fa


  • Will Stern

    Will Stern

    7 mesi fa

    Love your videos, honestly the perfect level of interesting and quiet in order to help me sleep without boring me to sleep, keep it up!鉂わ笍

    • Will Stern

      Will Stern

      7 mesi fa

      The lil stop motion thing was cool too!

  • 銆併儏


    7 mesi fa

    I laughed 馃ぃ
    to whom do you cut off such big thick slices of bread ... for an elephant or a crocodile?
    .... who else has such a big snout?馃

  • Gwendoline King

    Gwendoline King

    7 mesi fa

    I liked this tutorial very much and I am very interested in the hammers that you used could you please let me know the types that you used especially the small one with the red handle what type of hammer was it?

  • Rita Maru

    Rita Maru

    8 mesi fa

    Literally nobody:
    People in olden days: LeTs MaKe A gUilLoTiNe FoR bReAd

  • Adrian Fj忙rvoll Hustad

    Adrian Fj忙rvoll Hustad

    8 mesi fa

    This was so fun for me to watch because i restored a bread cutter myself aproximately a year ago and i just stumbled across this video just now! The fun part is that it was almost identical to this one and that it was my first ever attempt on restoring anything! I was very pleased with how my own turned out and this video brought me so much joy! You are truely skilled!

  • Fernando Ar谩mbula

    Fernando Ar谩mbula

    8 mesi fa

    I like that blue color

  • Baysik


    8 mesi fa

    5:20 sounds like AOL internet 馃槀

  • Dennis Harris

    Dennis Harris

    8 mesi fa

    Powder paint. You sir are amazing.

  • Neda Coffee

    Neda Coffee

    8 mesi fa

    Have you tried cutting danish rye bread?

  • Superb Media Content Creator

    Superb Media Content Creator

    8 mesi fa

    I enjoy your videos but caution others using small ovens for powder coating to NEVER USE THE OVEN FOR FOOD after using it for powder coating.

  • Marshall David WahlstromHelgren

    Marshall David WahlstromHelgren

    8 mesi fa

    Nice work. Love your restorations,

  • SparkyCFW


    8 mesi fa

    Good video but please watch a few videos on knife sharpening I don鈥檛 like to judge people or anything but if your gonna show it in a video show it in a way that actually works

  • Dennis Lubert

    Dennis Lubert

    8 mesi fa

    For the gray wood: oxalic acid. cheap and very effective.

  • 銆怢una The Derp銆

    銆怢una The Derp銆

    8 mesi fa

    *Bread Guillotine*
    *Bread Guillotine*

  • 鈥Akari]鈥 Cloud

    鈥Akari]鈥 Cloud

    8 mesi fa

    Admit it one of this persons vid was on your recommended........ *i said admit it*

  • Alyctro


    8 mesi fa

    You even kept the original nails 鉂わ笍

  • Alyctro


    8 mesi fa

    I want some bread :'( can't afford it

  • Un t铆o de Azeroth con el pelo rosa

    Un t铆o de Azeroth con el pelo rosa

    8 mesi fa

    Plot twist: After this video he used a knife.

    • TysyTube Restoration

      TysyTube Restoration

      8 mesi fa


  • Julek9


    8 mesi fa

    17:04 i see dhis but i subscribed your channel :P

  • EPICNano


    8 mesi fa

    12:27 just imagine if his hand just slipped 馃槯

  • Robin Ulsamer

    Robin Ulsamer

    8 mesi fa

    Hey TySyTube.. how about not showing the end result in the thumbnail.

  • ceeb2 thoj

    ceeb2 thoj

    8 mesi fa

    Wait if you restore these they're all yours now

  • MichaelaEV


    8 mesi fa

    This makes me remember gUWUtine meme lol

  • ETHAN le bg

    ETHAN le bg

    8 mesi fa

    Un minigen

  • Christopher Gillespie

    Christopher Gillespie

    8 mesi fa

    I love the powder coating. It looks so much better than paint. Good work!

  • Dean Ought

    Dean Ought

    8 mesi fa

    Stove is right from a horror film

  • Lord Zuzu

    Lord Zuzu

    9 mesi fa

    Bread and guillotines. That's so french!

  • Husky Rider

    Husky Rider

    9 mesi fa


  • Joshua Rankin

    Joshua Rankin

    9 mesi fa

    Device is called Bread Guillotine yet he proceeds to make sweet love to it on the first cut thus botching it... Awesome resto keep up the good work!

  • A Wilson

    A Wilson

    9 mesi fa

    You need a new starting capacitor for that bench grinder...
    Either that, or the Start Winding is broken...

  • RockinFrogBWS


    9 mesi fa

    Very nice restoration ! I love guillotines !

  • rizky ramadhany

    rizky ramadhany

    9 mesi fa

    perfect video.

  • rizky ramadhany

    rizky ramadhany

    9 mesi fa

    i love 馃崬

  • Floatswitch


    9 mesi fa

    Love the ASMR

  • Skin Dog

    Skin Dog

    9 mesi fa

    No need to watch the vid, before and after photo is the thumbnail.

  • asdLArs


    9 mesi fa

    What is that white liquid at the start? Is it soap?