Zippo Lighter Restoration - Marlboro Edition

Pubblicato il 7 apr 2020
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In this video i'm restoring a Broken Old and Rusty Zippo Lighter Cowboy Man Edition made in USA in 1995.
This Restoration took me 4 days to complete.
I like so much this Zippo Lighter and will be next to my other restoration for display on my shelf.

I hope you like my work and my video.
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Huge Thank you to all my Patreon and Paypall Supporters!

Time and costs of this restoration:
I was working on this project for 4 days
$0 broken zippo from a friend
$8 zippo parts

My Camera:
Canon G7x Mark 2 -
My new Camera Canon G7x Mark 3 -

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TysyTube Restoration
  • TysyTube Restoration

    TysyTube Restoration

    10 mesi fa

    Thank you for watching my video! After you finish watching you should check this Yellowed Playstation PS1 here: 😎🥰

    • David1986


      2 mesi fa

      Sarah Hyser what is disrespectful?

    • Sarah Hyser

      Sarah Hyser

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    • ꧁Glow Bright Unicorn꧂

      ꧁Glow Bright Unicorn꧂

      3 mesi fa

      Bout the copper I don’t know but Maybye they thought the copper would help it not rust But we all know that’s not true ask the pennies

    • David1986


      4 mesi fa

      Kyler Hann incorrect you lift the felt to fill a zippo lighter. I don’t care if you have 1000 of them you are doing it wrong. But I will explain why you are wrong. The felt is lifted so you don’t overfill the lighter. While the felt is lifted and you are putting lighter fluid directly on the cotton when the cotton gets completely saturated that is when you stop filling. You let the felt down and when you turn the lighter over to put the insert back in the case the dryer felt absorbs some fluid out of the cotton and it keeps the lighter from leaking in your pocket.

    • Kyler Hann

      Kyler Hann

      7 mesi fa

      No you leave it down I have one

  • General-Gaming Doe9de

    General-Gaming Doe9de

    3 giorni fa

    Where did you find that zippo the swamp.

  • Lee Kennedy

    Lee Kennedy

    8 giorni fa

    swear I love this channel the attention to detail it amazing👌🏻

  • Hredaan Fiat336

    Hredaan Fiat336

    9 giorni fa

    They are covered in coper because they are made of copper then plated

  • David Mihet

    David Mihet

    15 giorni fa

    4:09 copper is an excellent conductor of heat

  • Константин


    27 giorni fa

    Прикольно конечно, но не проще ли было новую купить, или взять донора? на химию больше потратишь, да и @бли сколько.

  • Ken Riley

    Ken Riley

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  • Alex Awesomesauce Beaudry

    Alex Awesomesauce Beaudry

    Mese fa

    Was the rider originally Soldered on?

  • Nancy Mills

    Nancy Mills

    Mese fa

    Zippo created some of the most iconic lighters. And they were the best for modifying and customizing. Turned out well, nice work!

  • R E

    R E

    2 mesi fa

    It actually looked much cooler with the beautiful patina, in greenish colours. However amazing restoration as always!

  • Rachel Köiks

    Rachel Köiks

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    That “scrubscribe” alone was enough to convince me to click the button

  • DarkRubberDucky


    2 mesi fa

    Since when does shaving foam remove rust! This is fantastic news!

  • Serendipity DoctorXqY

    Serendipity DoctorXqY

    2 mesi fa

    Thought it would have been interesting if you had a couple of these, to send it in to Zippo to see if they would repair it for free, as is their promise.

  • Do Tech

    Do Tech

    2 mesi fa

    I do like your improvisation. Make do with what you have. My kind of style.

  • Jaxon Leo

    Jaxon Leo

    2 mesi fa

    There worth more that $100

  • Daniel Loewenberg

    Daniel Loewenberg

    2 mesi fa

    I have this exact lighter

  • Sikeleton Reiz

    Sikeleton Reiz

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    everything is great but refilling..

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    Matías Meneses

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    Diego Martin

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    flint trickshot 😎😎

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    Где вы все находите столько зиповских зажигалок? Мне бы хоть одну.

  • Juan Rodriguez

    Juan Rodriguez

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    Nice work !

  • Deepak Sundharrajan

    Deepak Sundharrajan

    3 mesi fa

    Playback speed 1.5x is better

  • 💜Ultimate bookworm💜

    💜Ultimate bookworm💜

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    “Adding a little squeeze”
    *gives it a bath*

  • Sir Locher

    Sir Locher

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  • KenzieLand


    3 mesi fa

    Did anyone else notice the he spelt beautiful wrong he spelt it “beutifull”

  • bigger chungus

    bigger chungus

    3 mesi fa

    What if all these videos are in reverse and he’s just dirtying them

  • Peggy W

    Peggy W

    3 mesi fa

    Fantastic results!

  • Bull Durham

    Bull Durham

    3 mesi fa

    Zippo would have replaced it for free

  • ꧁ Boyfriend ꧂

    ꧁ Boyfriend ꧂

    3 mesi fa

    It's like the jumbo lighter but the small version

  • Eric Sinsara

    Eric Sinsara

    3 mesi fa

    i think copper looks like gold to some

  • Barry Elkin

    Barry Elkin

    3 mesi fa

    Copper is part of the plating process

  • Charles Parker

    Charles Parker

    4 mesi fa

    I wonder how many Marlboro points this lighter cost back in the day.

  • MFing Chuck

    MFing Chuck

    4 mesi fa

    They're made out of brass, then plated in copper, then nickel, then chrome.

    • Charles Parker

      Charles Parker

      4 mesi fa

      The only formula to get the chrome to stick 👍👍

  • NoZhovka


    4 mesi fa

    Don't you get tired of deceiving people?

  • klasixx


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    this zippo deserves more justice! 😹😹😹

  • kitten no like banana 🍌🎃

    kitten no like banana 🍌🎃

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    This time its not big last one was huge!

  • Wiewior_yt


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    3:15 "SCRUBSCRIBE"

  • Allen Wilson

    Allen Wilson

    4 mesi fa

    Zippo lighters are made from brass then chromed. Watch on YouTube how zippo lighters are made. It's really interesting

  • Evoly


    4 mesi fa

    Whats the intro Sound?.

  • Артём


    4 mesi fa

    получилась зиппа с алиэкспресс )

  • Auswolf2k


    4 mesi fa

    pretty sure its not copper. I thought zippos were all nickel plated brass

  • Anthony Duzan

    Anthony Duzan

    4 mesi fa

    4:01 the forbidden green Gaderade

  • Leandro gambá

    Leandro gambá

    5 mesi fa

    Legendary Marlboro!!!🐎 We are together awesome.💥✊✌

  • therealknapster


    5 mesi fa

    Where you put the spare flint is the fill hole you put the lighter fluid nozzle !

  • Alex R

    Alex R

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    Отличная работа!!!

  • August Hawks

    August Hawks

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    Saw a couple of videos on Facebook. I was hooked and had to subscribe.

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    My germaphobia seeing how it looks like.. OH MY GOD-

  • Délano Online

    Délano Online

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    You can just get it cleaned with coca cola

  • Othniel Wine

    Othniel Wine

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    Yo u are good polishing

  • Magnus Torgersen

    Magnus Torgersen

    6 mesi fa

    Dudde WOW just wow amazing work. just wow. really well done ammazing how you really restored all the tinny little part that's just a tinny little bit to wrong step and it would be ruined. just ammazing how you saved it all ammzing. mann

  • Sasha Mirzayans

    Sasha Mirzayans

    6 mesi fa

    A great restoration!

  • phd caracal

    phd caracal

    6 mesi fa

    9:40 just came back from the plantation

  • Neil C

    Neil C

    6 mesi fa

    If the lighter case is brass then possibly the rust remover is dissolving the zinc and leaving the copper. I was not aware but when I looked it up, a lot of these rust remover products do indeed dissolve zinc.

  • Gayuh Rahma

    Gayuh Rahma

    6 mesi fa

    I want zippo..for you

    • Gayuh Rahma

      Gayuh Rahma

      6 mesi fa

      Sir, can you give me a free Zippo ...

  • Julien Lafrance

    Julien Lafrance

    6 mesi fa

    Not too old of a lighter (2011) but was really beat up. Outcome was beautiful, great job!

  • Eric Sinsara

    Eric Sinsara

    7 mesi fa

    excellent work doctor zippo

  • russell


    7 mesi fa

    Hi copper is part of the plating process It is applied to base metal before nickel or chrome plating
    All you have done is polished the base metal and not reappliied the coatings to bring back to original
    Hope this helps

  • RiqueLme Sorbete

    RiqueLme Sorbete

    7 mesi fa

    *ASMR??????? **_wuaja_*

  • The Cowboy Rides Away

    The Cowboy Rides Away

    7 mesi fa

    Great restore, I have this same Zippo in its original box

  • Jillian Crawford

    Jillian Crawford

    7 mesi fa

    Honestly I'm super impressed with this dedication! I would've taken a different approach in remaking the decoration (steady crafsman has great videos about mould-making, casting, etc.) for a new shell, but that's a replacement and not a restoration lol. Seeing how severe the damage was and yet still able to be restored shows the quality of zippos!

  • mrblues2008


    7 mesi fa

    Not sure if it was mentioned here in the comments, but all parts can be bought through zippo you shouldn't have to make any

  • Romax Gaming

    Romax Gaming

    7 mesi fa

    I like how it says "lift to fill" then he just ignores anything the company tells him to do

  • Peter Torok

    Peter Torok

    7 mesi fa

    you’re suppose to lift the pad to fill it with fluid also you should zigzag the wick

  • Paul Wilkins

    Paul Wilkins

    7 mesi fa

    very good job! nice work

  • Nick Rudnev

    Nick Rudnev

    7 mesi fa

    the parts were covered with copper because the figure is made of it. The parts in rust remover made a galvanic pair so copper had come into the solution and then moved to the brass and steel parts. You can check it with an iron nail moved into a CuSO4 solution - it will be the same and even faster (3-5 min)

  • Robert Underdunk Terwilliger

    Robert Underdunk Terwilliger

    7 mesi fa

    I suspect the hole in the wool pad is the for the reason to let air into the lighter when its burning!?

  • apa lo?

    apa lo?

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    You are very smart.. I automatically subs ur channel, like and always view.. I love your videos! Keep making videos 🥰
    Your subscriber from indonesia 🇮🇩

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    Abdul Hafiz Alfath

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  • FlatlandWulf


    8 mesi fa

    I feel old, I was 19 when that lighter was made.

  • Epafras F. Kurniawan

    Epafras F. Kurniawan

    8 mesi fa

    So, how to merge the top wick cam, we can use tenol and solder? Not use resin frp?

  • Furkan Özkan

    Furkan Özkan

    8 mesi fa

    Awasome work 👑 bravoo

  • Cat3


    8 mesi fa

    When he put scrubescribe i can’t resist subbing

  • Snob Snobov

    Snob Snobov

    8 mesi fa

    Better to remove rust with electrolysis, it will avoid brushed damage by mechanical.

  • Master Senpai

    Master Senpai

    8 mesi fa

    When he filled it, I cringed. Great restoration tho

  • Jani Papp

    Jani Papp

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  • martin wedel

    martin wedel

    8 mesi fa

    livetime fix at zippo - send it to them and fix the case on it yourself just saying

  • ابو حريقه

    ابو حريقه

    9 mesi fa


  • Yah_Boy_Fat_Gabe


    9 mesi fa

    Why the insert tho?

  • GiZEMLI Çocuk

    GiZEMLI Çocuk

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  • Pedro Henrique Aguiar

    Pedro Henrique Aguiar

    9 mesi fa

    4:48 where can I get this image?

  • rodneygivens89


    9 mesi fa

    It's like watching
    Sam Raimi film a resto video.

    • rodneygivens89


      9 mesi fa

      I mean that in a good way. Very entertaining.

  • Андрей Костин

    Андрей Костин

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    Стала выглядеть ещё лучше чем новая была))

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    Q bien lo haces

  • Alex Covfefe

    Alex Covfefe

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    Well done. It's way cooler than a brand new one now

  • DeathLotus


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    That poor 95 zippo, thank the Lord it fell into your hands. I'd kill for it.

  • Dichter-Russe


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    You Life in Europa? You have 2 cent 😆. Grüße aus Deutschland

  • Pappa Doggie

    Pappa Doggie

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    Image one of these. Only could get it from sending in miles for it. Miss it
    Meant to say I had one of those

    • Pappa Doggie

      Pappa Doggie

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      Omg I have been recognized by the creator. Lifetime achievement lol

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    Sleeman Abu shikha

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    عاشة💚فلسطين💚حرة عربية أسلامية💚✌

  • Veskii


    10 mesi fa

    11:13 my favorite part of all time XD

  • Marc Gardner

    Marc Gardner

    10 mesi fa

    I live in Pennsylvania. If you ever get the chance to visit the Zippo factory, do it!

  • Miss11 Lady11

    Miss11 Lady11

    10 mesi fa

    I have zippo lighters from the 60s , different than the new ones.🎄🎄🎄🎄🙂🙂🙂🙂

  • Gennaro Cifariello

    Gennaro Cifariello

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    Wonderful restoration. No doubts

  • Rare Coin & Cryptocurrency Analyst

    Rare Coin & Cryptocurrency Analyst

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    very nice zippo

  • Restoration Workshop

    Restoration Workshop

    10 mesi fa

    The patina on the zippo after rust removal - perfect!

  • passpres


    10 mesi fa

    12:04 zippo J XI = 1995

  • pattygq


    10 mesi fa

    Since Zippo will repair any of their lighters for free, minus postage, I would be curious as to how they do it.

  • rickity randy

    rickity randy

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    Did you get this off the road

  • minopausa Ulisse Nobody

    minopausa Ulisse Nobody

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    Slow.... Slow.... Slow...

  • Na Me

    Na Me

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    Will zippo fix this if you sent it to them?

  • Ian McDonald

    Ian McDonald

    10 mesi fa

    Nice job, love the bucking bronco! Never a keen fan of brass as it tarnishes very easy. U wouldn’t believe how many times my zippo’s have been lost as a drunken friend tried the do a trick lighting them lol I still collect them myself.