Gigantic Hammer Restoration - Sledge-O-Matic

Pubblicato il 4 mag 2021
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This is my Gigantic Hammer Restoration.
This hammer was found at flea market, was 25 euro.
This restoration took me one week.
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TysyTube Restoration
  • TysyTube Restoration

    TysyTube Restoration

    5 mesi fa

    After You watch this Awesome video you should check my APPLE Adjustable Keyboard Here 😍🥳😎

    • Jammie Payne

      Jammie Payne

      28 giorni fa


    • Don’t forget to Breath!

      Don’t forget to Breath!

      Mese fa

      Kind of funny how a restoration channel uses kind of rusty shears lol but good video



      2 mesi fa

      @B bert waht

    • AlexBlox


      2 mesi fa

      are you romanian

    • Nightmare


      3 mesi fa

      4:05 you should restore those scissors

  • The Random

    The Random

    2 ore fa

    Hammer betrays his father

  • Monika Gere

    Monika Gere

    6 ore fa

    Dis is my Best Vid ever

  • كرار بغدادي

    كرار بغدادي

    16 ore fa


  • Alex Mocanu

    Alex Mocanu

    Giorno fa

    Pufuleți !

  • Shugoki is broken

    Shugoki is broken

    2 giorni fa

    Era mais barato comprar um martelo do que fazer isso

  • The Kid Historian

    The Kid Historian

    4 giorni fa

    It looked better unrestored..

  • rorro loco

    rorro loco

    4 giorni fa

    Ban hammer irl

  • DuM ChAnEl

    DuM ChAnEl

    4 giorni fa

    Nice, I've always wanted to do King Dedede Cosplay

  • Rebecca K. Lunetta

    Rebecca K. Lunetta

    4 giorni fa

    Restoring King Dedede's hammer be like

  • Biggie Cheese

    Biggie Cheese

    5 giorni fa

    Loved the thunder when he set the hammer down lol

  • Novineux


    5 giorni fa

    men... go through all that work just to play with it afterwards

  • Novineux


    5 giorni fa


  • Normal Person

    Normal Person

    6 giorni fa


  • B.J.K. 1903

    B.J.K. 1903

    6 giorni fa

    It's look like to SHAO KAHN's hammer 😃

  • Jacks Nexus

    Jacks Nexus

    6 giorni fa

    Isn't that the Strong Man's hammer from the circus or something

  • ThatverydepressedFancylad


    7 giorni fa

    Was waiting for him to save the princess from the monkey :/

  • Spastic Nitro

    Spastic Nitro

    8 giorni fa

    Next vid you gonna see nails banged with that thing you know

  • Sartori


    8 giorni fa

    " *Real size* THOR HAMMER "

  • magoguinha123


    8 giorni fa

    não contavam com a minha astucia

  • Sean Daley

    Sean Daley

    8 giorni fa

    Giving me very much Harley Quinn

  • The Dancing Pipe Stuffer

    The Dancing Pipe Stuffer

    9 giorni fa

    You really trying to get your moneys worth with that sandblaster 😂

    • TysyTube Restoration

      TysyTube Restoration

      9 giorni fa

      yes every time 🤣

  • Aka Kerboua

    Aka Kerboua

    9 giorni fa


  • Jenifer Baker

    Jenifer Baker

    11 giorni fa

    10 for sandblasting. I love it.

  • AqFrog


    11 giorni fa

    17:13, pufuleti Fara surpriza- Romanian snack :,))

  • friendlyfrenzy 34

    friendlyfrenzy 34

    12 giorni fa

    This is what they used in court during 1886

  • Not Legend Smith

    Not Legend Smith

    12 giorni fa

    That ain’t no hammer that’s a MALLET

  • Daniel Dixon

    Daniel Dixon

    12 giorni fa


  • Jill Menter

    Jill Menter

    12 giorni fa

    I am glad you preserved the wood with resin. Like your sense of humor.

  • Miles Jasper

    Miles Jasper

    12 giorni fa

    That doll hand getting the hammer with the elephant noise deserved a like haha

  • Jack Watts

    Jack Watts

    13 giorni fa

    How heavy is the hammer?

  • Gael sin comedía

    Gael sin comedía

    13 giorni fa

    Jump man

  • Dmangamer269


    13 giorni fa

    13:17 when the moskito brings its crew

  • GlitchX


    13 giorni fa


  • Daniel Rennier

    Daniel Rennier

    13 giorni fa

    Arent the rings much more shallow than they originally were? You can see the line from where they originally sat.

  • Junezard TV

    Junezard TV

    13 giorni fa

    Smough (Dark Souls) Like this hammer!!

  • Jacen Vines

    Jacen Vines

    13 giorni fa


  • KnockedupNout


    14 giorni fa

    For possibly the first time I have found disappointment in one of your videos: not once did I see the tiny hammer being used to fix the big hammer ☹️ AND the sandblasting only gets a 5\10 because you didn't etch "subscribe" into one of the rings.
    Sorry Homie, you're slippin'!
    Love the vids anyway!

  • Victor Ulhôa

    Victor Ulhôa

    14 giorni fa

    Awesome video

  • Bandit_G1 #DBL

    Bandit_G1 #DBL

    14 giorni fa

    i love your work. it amazing what you do to this huge hammer (funny video :D)

  • Victor Ulhôa

    Victor Ulhôa

    14 giorni fa

    You could make a huge mug with it XD

  • john attaway

    john attaway

    14 giorni fa

    What was a hammer like this designed for

  • zekerija shabani

    zekerija shabani

    14 giorni fa

    15:35 f*ck you for that i nearly got a heart attack my hands are shaking while writing this comment .

  • Isabella S.

    Isabella S.

    15 giorni fa

    That’s totally my hammer with no paint

  • Bp CO

    Bp CO

    15 giorni fa

    I have dealt with those the one I used was around a hundred and twenty years old it's called "a beetle" its a Sledge used to put together post and beam buildings or boats

  • FCK TheMedia

    FCK TheMedia

    15 giorni fa

    City Hunter vibes

  • Cris Ramone

    Cris Ramone

    15 giorni fa


  • Fizz


    16 giorni fa

    Interesting I never would have thought to ues a sand blaster on wood.

  • adam haywood

    adam haywood

    16 giorni fa

    *bug orgy*

  • SAHIL Sapphire

    SAHIL Sapphire

    16 giorni fa


  • thomas tih

    thomas tih

    16 giorni fa

    noooooooooooooooo buevito

  • Tazerboy10


    16 giorni fa

    That's a huge hammer, nonetheless...

  • haneen faizal

    haneen faizal

    16 giorni fa

    Tysy = thank you so much youtube
    Bcs as u can see in his channel name itself it shows tube after Y soo
    This makes so much sence

  • Kenneth Crips

    Kenneth Crips

    16 giorni fa

    I believe this mallet was used to pound home the bungs in beer barrels.

  • Aaron alcocer

    Aaron alcocer

    16 giorni fa

    plier restoration

  • Plushy Buddies Productions

    Plushy Buddies Productions

    17 giorni fa

    13:16 - 13:37 those drills sounds like mini air horns 😂😂😂

  • Lucas Palavecino

    Lucas Palavecino

    17 giorni fa

    Mjolnir V2.

  • Jacob Blatnica

    Jacob Blatnica

    17 giorni fa

    When are you going to restore your scissors and nail puller? I want to see that one.

  • Arctica


    17 giorni fa

    Mosquito nightmare at 13:16

  • Angelo


    18 giorni fa

    * Me trying to sleep *
    *mosquitos:* 13:23



    18 giorni fa

    9 for sand blasting

  • Ion Swommer

    Ion Swommer

    18 giorni fa

    I think he needs a restoration video on the scissors or just make them look less rusty



    18 giorni fa




    18 giorni fa

    Hahaha Those Toys XD

  • Roby


    19 giorni fa

    Hey, it s very intersting what you do, one question, you are from Romania?

  • Jonathan R. Smyth

    Jonathan R. Smyth

    19 giorni fa

    You pay way too much for your junk. But you're French or something, so I guess that makes sense.

  • Arin Mirai

    Arin Mirai

    19 giorni fa

    This reminds me of the hammer sister in Bofuri, lmao

  • Leah Cole

    Leah Cole

    19 giorni fa

    You and my mechanics have been my happy place lately and I absolutely want the giant Harley Quinn Hammer 😂

  • t84t748748t6


    19 giorni fa

    there was nothing wrong whit it just old

  • Sander Eide

    Sander Eide

    19 giorni fa

    He shod realy open upp a store he vod make so much money and he vod make so menny ppl smile to



    20 giorni fa

    Awesome work brother keep it up

  • Ryan Walter

    Ryan Walter

    20 giorni fa

    I didn't know Gallagher wanted a restoration

  • Τάσος Σαρικαβαζης

    Τάσος Σαρικαβαζης

    20 giorni fa

    😱 OMG



    20 giorni fa

    I saw a glimpse of your beard and I love it

  • TubeOfAlchemy


    20 giorni fa

    You know it's heavy when the handle doesn't out-weigh the hammerhead,

  • ZooZoo


    20 giorni fa

    tu es français ?

  • Furby Gaming 125

    Furby Gaming 125

    20 giorni fa

    0:10 Dat Big Sound

  • Andy Champlin

    Andy Champlin

    21 giorno fa

    This hammer would have looked better by burning it to allow for the wood grains to pop like it originally was.

  • Mauro Gomez

    Mauro Gomez

    21 giorno fa

    That's it! Im gettin'me mallet!

  • Danielle Dan

    Danielle Dan

    21 giorno fa

    Chonk ham goes bang bang

    Okay im weird. Sorry.

  • Axel Wülf

    Axel Wülf

    21 giorno fa

    Ladies and gentlemen! I did not come here tonight just to make you laugh. I came here to sell you something and I want you to pay particular attention!
    The amazing Master Tool Corporation, a subsidiary of Fly-By-Night Industries, has entrusted who? Me! To show you! The handiest and the dandiest kitchen tool you've ever seen. And don't you wanna know how it works!?
    Well first you get out an ordinary apple. You place the apple between the patented pans. Then you reach for the tool that is not a slicer, is not a dicer, is not chopper in a hopper! What in the hell could it possibly be?!
    _The Sledge-O-Matic!_

  • Jarred Kiser

    Jarred Kiser

    21 giorno fa

    This honestly looks like an anime weapon.

  • Luke Adams

    Luke Adams

    22 giorni fa

    Beautiful work

  • valadavid21


    22 giorni fa

    Shreks hammer

  • ユッケ羽乃


    22 giorni fa


  • skyz zz

    skyz zz

    22 giorni fa

    Homie is tryna be smoug

  • Red Tornado

    Red Tornado

    23 giorni fa

    Harley Quinn

  • firstname lastname

    firstname lastname

    23 giorni fa

    how much for those scissors

  • rock is power🤘

    rock is power🤘

    23 giorni fa

    Pufuleti fără surpriză🇷🇴😅

  • Phillip Watson

    Phillip Watson

    24 giorni fa

    can a sandblaster make a hole in wood

  • lunerlilly


    24 giorni fa

    Man your goofy hammering 🔨 and slamming made me think of another channel. Has a cook on it who smacks everything with his spatula 😆 lol.
    Edit: *sees egg* omg! You do watch that channel don't you!? XD

  • ninjaswordtothehead


    24 giorni fa

    I would love to restore stuff. It looks awesome.
    If only I had a garage. And tools. And stuff needing restoration.
    Oh and skill. Should have probably put that first.



    26 giorni fa

    Kenken pot

  • George Konig

    George Konig

    26 giorni fa

    10:41 = me when your mum.

  • Modi


    26 giorni fa

    Love that metal art you made on the rings!! So original 👍

  • PhilosoWolf


    26 giorni fa

    10:39 this made me miss my bro…gonna go call him now😩



    26 giorni fa

    I had no idea you can sandblast wood

  • André Carnevale De Moura

    André Carnevale De Moura

    27 giorni fa

    Perfeito, ótimo trabalho nem tem como parar de assistir esses vídeos

  • lifted Ninja

    lifted Ninja

    27 giorni fa

    Is this the hammer from who framed Roger rabbit?

  • bambino100011


    27 giorni fa

    I think Harley Quinn would approve 🤣