1950's German Pencil Sharpener Restoration

Pubblicato il 14 ott 2020
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This is The Faber Castell No52/20 N desk pencil sharpener Restoration
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TysyTube Restoration
  • TysyTube Restoration

    TysyTube Restoration

    10 mesi fa

    After You watch this Awesome video you should check my Gigantic Hammer Restoration!🥰🤩🥳
    Here: https://youtu.be/_F5Fa3ULxP0

    • 🟠Orange 🍉Melon Br

      🟠Orange 🍉Melon Br

      4 mesi fa

      @Hj Lina Parlina gae

    • Steven Hooper

      Steven Hooper

      5 mesi fa

      Thank you

    • Thessa dhaeseleer

      Thessa dhaeseleer

      6 mesi fa

      Did it yesterday

    • Hj Lina Parlina

      Hj Lina Parlina

      7 mesi fa


    • Megan Carter

      Megan Carter

      8 mesi fa

      I just did it was cool!

  • Running with Scissors

    Running with Scissors

    5 giorni fa

    These "old", so well made everyday use items are my favorite restorations. Would rather have one of these than a new one bought from anywhere today. Thank you.

  • Rowinn Myers

    Rowinn Myers

    13 giorni fa

    Next up: restoring the German Nazis

  • eurosoe


    17 giorni fa

    It should have been green, but you’re still awesome.

  • olaf Gunnerson

    olaf Gunnerson

    22 giorni fa

    Great to see . I've still got one of those . Best sharpener I ever had

  • Donat Ukaj

    Donat Ukaj

    23 giorni fa

    Je suis sûr à 1000% que tu habite en France

  • Genesis V.D

    Genesis V.D

    24 giorni fa

    I was not expecting that paint stripper to be gloopy

  • Brandon Brown

    Brandon Brown

    25 giorni fa

    45 seconds in and I have two comments....1...I can smell the shavings from my phone. 2... Your cordless screwdriver sounds exactly like my grandmother's cordless screwdriver from 20 years ago. It's 2021 bru, time for brushless tools 👌

  • 亗SwagLifePro亗


    26 giorni fa

    What's the name of those gloves

  • 亗SwagLifePro亗


    26 giorni fa

    Where do i get those gloves

  • Vaclav Kuzelka

    Vaclav Kuzelka

    26 giorni fa

    Loved the video, loved the ending even more :)

  • Micha S.

    Micha S.

    27 giorni fa

    2:40 "sounds like a famouse german tank, the woodpecker"

  • Ryan Hall

    Ryan Hall

    28 giorni fa

    Why in the world do I find this guy's videos so intoxicating? From vintage video game consoles to vintage pencil sharpeners.

  • Mimi Neko

    Mimi Neko

    28 giorni fa

    true amazing work

  • Michael Linden

    Michael Linden

    28 giorni fa

    Hey I've got the same in green. The ultimate manual Pencil Sharpener

  • Adipose Rex

    Adipose Rex

    28 giorni fa

    Beautiful work except the yellow.

  • Floyd Helms

    Floyd Helms

    29 giorni fa

    Excellent job. 😊

  • Wordgoblin


    Mese fa

    I think this is my favorite of your videos that I've watched so far. What a handsome end result!

  • James Sorensen

    James Sorensen

    Mese fa

    This machine is beautiful, someone solved the problem of the wonky pencil

  • john172867


    Mese fa

    I would have to take pictures as I disassembled anything in order to reassemble it correctly!

  • 샹놈


    Mese fa

    1950년대에는 독일의 기술력이 정말 세계 제일이었네.....왜 저렇게 상태가 좋지????

  • Chris Marsh

    Chris Marsh

    Mese fa

    what do you do with all the items you restore?

  • Mondkeks LP

    Mondkeks LP

    Mese fa

    My grandpa owns one of those. And I was obsessed with it as a kid. Once sharpened a pencil till it was to short to use

  • Q&Q


    Mese fa

    To much grease. You should use graphite.

  • Stephanie Hamilton

    Stephanie Hamilton

    Mese fa

    Exactly like the ones we had in school, they were always bolted to the teacher's desk, they must've thought the kids were thieves!

  • jordan w

    jordan w

    Mese fa

    sharpens pencils better than any school sharpener I ever used as a kid

  • Ryan Andrews

    Ryan Andrews

    Mese fa

    Wish you could’ve restored some of the pencil sharpeners at my high school lol. Those were in worse condition than this one.

  • Daniels wunderbare Welt der Filme

    Daniels wunderbare Welt der Filme

    Mese fa

    Da nimmt man Hammerite und nicht so ein potthässliches Geld. Vorher sah das Teil besser aus

  • XXR4geDozM


    Mese fa

    where do you find this items

  • Herautos


    Mese fa

    So ein Teil hatten wir damals in der Schule, aber mit so einem Teil mit dem man es am Tisch befestigen konnte.

  • nessunamore


    Mese fa

    I was waiting for when it became a "German" pencil sharpener then at 2:13 ahh there it is.

  • Patrick Ballard

    Patrick Ballard

    Mese fa

    👍🏼...just not a fan of yellow 🟡... Maybe green or blue 🔵

  • Brian Hinton

    Brian Hinton

    Mese fa

    Great job friend, should keep you sharp for a long while to come, have a nice day !!!.

    • TysyTube Restoration

      TysyTube Restoration

      Mese fa

      Thanks, you too!

  • BornOfStardust


    Mese fa

    The artistic value of these videos increases every time

  • Terence  Bennison

    Terence Bennison

    Mese fa

    I'm wondering why he didn't just 'sandblast' all the parts instead of using messy paint stripper on the main item.

  • Nahreen Patel

    Nahreen Patel

    Mese fa

    I just like the video but not the paint stripper its gross

  • sailorstarfairy


    Mese fa

    😶 why couldn't you be around to fix the ones in my highschool??

  • Norma Jean Caballero

    Norma Jean Caballero

    Mese fa

    02:55 WOW!!! This Pencil Sharpener did not look as though it would have this many pieces. 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
    Sunshine Yellow. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • remus grrrl

    remus grrrl

    Mese fa

    I love these type of pencil sharpeners. They work the best. I will say, was a little disappointed you didn't paint it the green color it was originally. Amazing work though. I love watching restorations of these types of items.

  • Kevin Woodard

    Kevin Woodard

    Mese fa

    Do you ever sell your restorations?

  • pxlkid


    Mese fa

    This was so cool to watch and I love the bright yellow. Would look amazing on my drawing desk. I understand some people like original colours but I think in this case it was a really good choice, it looks really fresh and modern now.

  • Autumn Woods

    Autumn Woods

    Mese fa

    Did anyone think fat glob when he put the paint remover on the parts ?

  • yo3tube


    2 mesi fa

    It's from the nineties XD

  • Michael Milazzo

    Michael Milazzo

    2 mesi fa

    Very nice

  • Ledezion ExDee

    Ledezion ExDee

    2 mesi fa

    I love the yellow. It's so cute!

  • 14. Vương Khang

    14. Vương Khang

    2 mesi fa

    This is his own pencil sharpener when he want to make it new.

  • BeekillerJohanna


    2 mesi fa

    I liked the original blue but the yellow is okay, too.

  • MadR6


    2 mesi fa

    We had this is in school, it was such a cool device

  • Babo Kababo

    Babo Kababo

    2 mesi fa

    I used to have one of these in school and i would brake my pencils on purpose just to use the sharpener

  • xX_gamer_Xx


    2 mesi fa

    It is in parity good condition

  • Hsinwu Lau

    Hsinwu Lau

    3 mesi fa

    Not sure about the new colour but still good job

  • Helmut der Mafiaboss

    Helmut der Mafiaboss

    3 mesi fa

    Greetings from germany

  • Exx _ One

    Exx _ One

    3 mesi fa

    Подари мне эту штуку пожалуйста, на день рождения

  • Rosie Bargoed

    Rosie Bargoed

    3 mesi fa

    Oh that speeded up hammering sound, it’s become my soundtrack 😀🥰😀🥰

  • John Brewer

    John Brewer

    3 mesi fa


  • Olivier B

    Olivier B

    3 mesi fa

    tu ne testes jamais si la peinture est au plomb ? C'est une obligation, afin de la retraiter à part.

  • N1BLE


    3 mesi fa

    Goog job, but why not in blue?

  • Panyster(ノ゚0゚)ノ~


    3 mesi fa

    I love all your restoration videos, I always look at them complete, I don't know what's in those videos but i love them

  • Andrey Grellert

    Andrey Grellert

    3 mesi fa

    I have one Wyna 2.

  • Hailey Marie

    Hailey Marie

    3 mesi fa

    Great video as usual 😊 My school still had these in the 2010s!!!

  • exulqnsis


    3 mesi fa

    my german teacher at my private kindergarten school had one of these!

  • Artmosphere


    3 mesi fa

    Students in here actually still using that kind of sharpener in something 2004 era. Thats weird

  • Priscila Cervo

    Priscila Cervo

    3 mesi fa

    The most beautiful thing I saw today

  • gspendlove


    3 mesi fa

    I tried to fix a wind-up kitchen timer once.
    I ended up having to buy a new kitchen.

  • Lis Nightly

    Lis Nightly

    3 mesi fa

    Wish I could put my antique sewing machine in your hands. Man, it's from 1949 and I would love to see it working again i.i

  • Michael Hansen

    Michael Hansen

    3 mesi fa

    You are hands down the best restoration channel on YouTube! Thanks for your posts.

  • Zei33


    3 mesi fa

    I bet the Germans never thought this would happen to what they made.

  • Grace American

    Grace American

    3 mesi fa

    Heck I’d go and buy a wood pencil just so I could use that sharpener. Good job.

  • rainbow gems

    rainbow gems

    3 mesi fa

    Good job I love it ❤️

  • Cosme Alves Alves

    Cosme Alves Alves

    3 mesi fa

    Boa Tarde Amigo !!!
    Ficou Fantástico 👏👏👏👏👏
    Gostaria de Lhe Sugerir Que Essa Placa de Indenização do Aparelho, Não Ficaria Melhor Se O Amigo Pintasse de Preto E depois Raspasse E Ficaria O Fundo Preto Pra Combinar Com O Amarelo.
    Forte Abraço !
    Cosme - São Paulo - Brasil

  • Justin Kelvianto

    Justin Kelvianto

    3 mesi fa


  • Pepolis


    3 mesi fa

    Yellow? omg...

  • Auraa_54!


    3 mesi fa



  • Sans


    3 mesi fa

    hallo ich mag deine videos mann mach weiter so

  • Rodry Soza

    Rodry Soza

    3 mesi fa

    "This is my 4 piston compressor. There are many like it, but this one is mine." - TysyTube, probably

  • S'no F'lah Ke

    S'no F'lah Ke

    3 mesi fa

    good for another 70 years.

  • S'no F'lah Ke

    S'no F'lah Ke

    3 mesi fa

    he didnt sharpen the barrel?

  • Al fulton

    Al fulton

    3 mesi fa

    I love these old sharpeners

  • David Augusto Jr

    David Augusto Jr

    3 mesi fa

    Who else thought he was gonna paint it blue?

  • 666wurm


    3 mesi fa

    Who was sponsoring all that product placement?

  • Uria85


    3 mesi fa

    This one of the coolest overkill devices i've seen

  • gaeldigard


    3 mesi fa

    Fixe ton étau !!

  • sagrud


    3 mesi fa

    What i really like in your videos is the obvious appreciation for the craftsmanship of previous generations! 👍

  • Cinnamon Tea Rolls

    Cinnamon Tea Rolls

    3 mesi fa

    Brings back memories from when I served as a Hydra agent.

  • Ronmar Icalina

    Ronmar Icalina

    4 mesi fa

    ow this means may sharpener original by german

  • Sapphiregriffin


    4 mesi fa

    didn't even look like it needed restoration

  • ss


    4 mesi fa

    Looks like brand new and the yellow actually makes it look more modern, rather than the planished finish.

  • Legolord Productions

    Legolord Productions

    4 mesi fa

    8:20 YEET!

  • Christopher Salisbury

    Christopher Salisbury

    4 mesi fa

    You are making me want one of those electric screwdrivers!!! I can't buy any more tools!!

  • MadeByGames


    4 mesi fa


  • Gina Stone

    Gina Stone

    4 mesi fa

    I was sad you didn't use a hammered paint

  • The Argonaught

    The Argonaught

    4 mesi fa

    that's one hell of a pencil sharpener. thats for the advanced class of kids, not us glue eaters in the back.



    4 mesi fa

    I was just like that in my childhood. it worked perfectly. German 😚

  • T.H.E.c,o,m,e,n,n,t,e,r


    4 mesi fa

    It was in a very good condition👍

  • Rhythmic Soul

    Rhythmic Soul

    4 mesi fa

    10:47 a little insight:
    Faber Castell was founded in 1761 in Stein, Germany. Today, no other company in the world makes more pencils then them. Yeah, they've been around for quite a while.

  • Kalani Saiko

    Kalani Saiko

    4 mesi fa

    When you realise in a couple of years people will be restoring things from 2020 listed as vintage

  • ItsDaKoolaidDude


    4 mesi fa

    0:21 not 5 seconds of seeing that and I'm already declaring "burn it!!"

  • Toby McNeel

    Toby McNeel

    4 mesi fa

    German art schools loved to use this

  • Sha Blox

    Sha Blox

    4 mesi fa

    It's cool until you realise this is Hitler's pencil sharpener

  • Julian Reverse

    Julian Reverse

    4 mesi fa

    Mine is a bit older and made from Bakelite.
    It's a Staedtler Modell 5700