I Restored This Fan and i put it to the Test

Pubblicato il 26 mag 2020
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This is Restoration of a Vintage Table Fan CALOR Made in France in 1950's
This Restoration took me 12 days
I dissembled everything and sandblasted the proppeler and protection. The small parts got cleaned up in the mini tumbler for 2 hours and polished at the end. I searched a lot to find the same color like the original on the blade. The base and motor housing was made from backelite. Took me few minutes to bring the shining back. I bouhjt a new cable with a switch. This is my second fan calor.
Here is the first one : itload.info/losk/ooe6yZqN2qarZ7g/video
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Time and costs of this restoration:
I was working on this project for 12 days
$5 Fan Calor
$8 electric cord
$17 spray paint
$10 clear coat

My Camera:
Canon 90d - amzn.to/2Y5MosL
Macro Lens - amzn.to/2W1GVAn (amazing lens)
35mm lens - amzn.to/2xOjfHX
50mm lens - amzn.to/2S5JUHa
Canon G7x Mark 2 - amzn.to/2Rf47IV ( best camera for beginers)
My new Camera Canon G7x Mark 3 - amzn.to/336NBjT (i don't recomend it)
Rode VIDEOMIC NTG - amzn.to/2TEKs83 (amazing mic)

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Black Magic Bluing Solution - amzn.to/2G1txF8
SandBlaster - amzn.to/2KPCXqP
Gloves - amzn.to/2ZmKbGL
Sandblaster media - amzn.to/2Zna3lL
Ring light - amzn.to/2Rflx84
Second studio light - amzn.to/2XdlIWT
Camera - amzn.to/2Rf47IV
Polishing wheel - amzn.to/2KXwV7J
Huge Lighter video - itload.info/losk/oYy5lqGOuqrEd9I/video
Cristal clear resin - amzn.to/2nTmrwx
zippo parts - amzn.to/2JJnOWe

TysyTube Restoration
  • TysyTube Restoration

    TysyTube Restoration

    10 mesi fa

    After You watch this Awesome video you should check my Gigantic Hammer Restoration!🥰🤩🥳
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    • Dan 007

      Dan 007

      10 mesi fa

      When will you upgrade to powder coating and ditch the spray paint?

    • Andrew Luyten

      Andrew Luyten

      10 mesi fa

      Just a question but where do you buy/find items like this and what do you do after u restored them? And i like your video’s greetings from belgium 😁

  • Ion Swommer

    Ion Swommer

    9 giorni fa

    What does the sand do

  • Лера Холодкова

    Лера Холодкова

    22 giorni fa

    Молоток: был изобретён в 1897 году
    Люди в 1896: 2:34

  • Joseph Tischer

    Joseph Tischer

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    Sees wet-sanding... instant upvote. Lost step people skip and its so easy and cheap to do.

  • Karmah's Law

    Karmah's Law

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    What is that red liquid? Some kind of oil?



    Mese fa

    Funny the Fan is named “Calor” or “Heat” and it’s supposed to keep U cool

  • DarkRubberDucky


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    Wait. When did you clean up the cage?! Nuuu!

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    As a fan I can really appreciate this video, it blew me away!

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    Gabriel Do Lago Neves

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    The things he restores look better than when they did when they where for sale at the store 😆

  • maxx1991


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    The magnet 🧲 trick 👍

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    3 mesi fa

    It's like no other at all, it's repaired very well and like new

  • John Ford

    John Ford

    3 mesi fa

    I have an unrestored but working version of exactly the same fan for anyone interested. I am in the UK but can mail worldwide.

  • Your Left Ear Will Thank Me

    Your Left Ear Will Thank Me

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    6:31 anyone else see the baby wink?

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    Carmen Redón Pomar

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  • Candy Thompson

    Candy Thompson

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    "In the heat of the night we are having a Fiesta. We'll dance until siesta when the sun comes to light." - Aqua

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    Higor Medeiros

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    What is the name of the intro song?

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    Fernando Imberbe scaglia

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    Jonathan Lévy

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    Dave Lambert

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  • ᴋᴏᴇʟʜᴏ


    4 mesi fa

    It is funny that the fan brand is "calor", its is heat in portuguese

  • Isaac D.

    Isaac D.

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    Funny how "calor" in spanish means heat. Good video 👌🏻

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    1:23 king of subliminal messaging 😂

  • Bob R

    Bob R

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    Do you restore any old Columbia, paperboy delivery bikes? Used to have one as a kid. It had a chrome spring on the front fork and a lock built into the front post. That would be interesting to see. Thanks!

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    Storm Tasker

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    Rich Monk

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    sampa humeoli

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    calor means heat

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    11:26 11:25 do you actually build gunpla?

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    I knew I had been up too late when he turned the fan on and I could feel the air on my face

  • m1tss


    6 mesi fa

    Did you change your bench or this is a cover for the old bench? What is this? I like the texture and the surface of the new bench and I am curious to find out what is this.

  • Rafael Zaiaskoski

    Rafael Zaiaskoski

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    zDarkNightTheAlpha zDarkNightLol

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    michelle g

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    Rich H

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  • Dr. Monster

    Dr. Monster

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    I know this was released forever ago and you probably don't look in the comments of your old videos, but you inspire me to keep working with the little notes you write in your videos, and the one "no one will believe in you unless you do!" Really takes the cake. Thank you for making content!

  • justin davis

    justin davis

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    new video idea: *restoring ironman's helmet

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    Do you ever sell your restorations? I would buy this fan in a heartbeat.

  • Arda


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    15:50 i scared :D

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    Marko Lukic

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    I believe in me!

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    Trigger Guy

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    Luke Baines

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    Rolando Jumarang

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    ma gk

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  • Plumbing & Stuff In Oregon

    Plumbing & Stuff In Oregon

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    All that work and you go with a cheap modern looking switch and plug?
    The rest of it turned out awesome though!

  • Growlithe Puppy

    Growlithe Puppy

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    Why sand?

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    gil moreno

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    My Führer

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    Jesús Fernando Drylander

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    My admiration from Sevilla, man!!

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    Gobi Obecny

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    yes ver safe for kids :D

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    Dayse Dockhorn

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    Very nice but you still don't have a nice cat like LADB.

  • t0mn8r


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    Of course it needs sandblasting!

  • Destini Jefferson

    Destini Jefferson

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    Before this video I've been struggling with a dilemma on myself after seeing that quote I think I've finally figured it out. I was so worried atheists I wouldnt be good enough, but the quote helped me realize I have to believe in myself I I want to reach my goals. Thank you so much that quote helped more than words can explain❤

  • Samplayer Shitpost

    Samplayer Shitpost

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    4:01 hol Up, am i using paper towels wrong my entire life?

  • johnson787878


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    One of your best.

  • IrinaZumba


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    Would have been cool if you preserved the back of the blades. It was still in good shape.

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    Natasa Werner

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    New sub 😍😍 I love you're videos 🥰

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    Marcia Arizona

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    carl ameen

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    [opens up motor housing]

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    Carla Lazzari

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    Jeriyant Baramcity

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    memes dz

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    Sam Simington

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    Ayush Agrawal

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    What a mindbogglingly boring video this was, Plus, I don't know in which language does disassembling and assembling constitute as "restoration".

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    nice video

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    Erin Jeffries

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    Tania L. Williamson

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    Cristian Agúndez

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    guido ligorio

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    Will not comment your editing wich seems ok to me, as always....i personally like the absence of any background music.
    About the restoration :
    The piece of paper behind the logo is important to avoid vibration noises caused by that badge. Should stay in place and not thrown away....
    The red color you used is lightly different ( to me ) from the original wine-red this model used to be....which is little darker. I would stick more with original color. Or maybe is my impression only due to cameras and lighting. A very well done restoration anyway, as always, and good tips given for this kind of restoration. Cheers from italy

  • Florence Gosselin

    Florence Gosselin

    Anno fa

    "vintage fan restoration" dont mind me half-expecting you to find a ragged-looking old man holding a rusty subscribe button and deciding to "restore him" (aka probably a cool way to do a face reveal, you get an old relative and "restore" him to younger you)

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    Fred 707

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    Connar Comstock

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    Quebec or France? It's one of the two, but I can't tell which.

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    Gervais Kewley

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    Андрей Шевченко

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    Отдельная благодарность за отсутствие музыки в процессе, так как звук работы, как некий ASMR-сеанс по успокоению и расслаблению. 😁🙏🖒

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    Craig Baxter

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    Bowie Vlogs Malyk

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