Apple Keyboard Restoration - Yellowed Plastic Retrobright - ASMR

Pubblicato il 15 giu 2021
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This is Apple Adjustable Keyboard Restoration model M1242
This restoration took me one week.
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TysyTube Restoration
  • TysyTube Restoration

    TysyTube Restoration

    3 mesi fa

    After you watch this Awesome Apple Keyboard 😍you should check My GIGANTIC Lighter Restoration here :

    • Kimberly Hasse

      Kimberly Hasse

      2 ore fa

      I am exercising by running NOISEZ!

    • Jaja Jaja81

      Jaja Jaja81

      22 giorni fa


    • Danakar "Quicksilver" Endeel

      Danakar "Quicksilver" Endeel

      Mese fa

      Question. I've watched a few of your videos now and every time you use something that you call "Magic Sponge" but it looks like you are cutting slices of white foam. Is this some kind of special foam or something as I'm a bit confused here. Is this some kind of brand name for something foam-like that has erasing qualities or materials inside or is it just generic white foam that was given a fancy name? Honestly curious here what this "Magic Sponge" is and where to buy them. 😃

    • Black Yutrei

      Black Yutrei

      Mese fa


    • Daniel Burke

      Daniel Burke

      2 mesi fa

      Apple? More like pineapple

  • lolimax


    3 ore fa

    like porque explotaste las burbujitas del papel envoltorio



    Giorno fa


  • v1k v1k

    v1k v1k

    2 giorni fa

    крутое видео!

  • Sheidhedda


    2 giorni fa

    hello, there is such a thing as a magnetic screwdriver, I recommend you to look at it.

  • PɨʼnʞŦɧɘʙɵʏ


    2 giorni fa

    the true veteran gamer keyboard

  • Kej Äffzi

    Kej Äffzi

    2 giorni fa

    is it a german keyboard?

  • Jeng TheNoobBoi

    Jeng TheNoobBoi

    2 giorni fa

    4:55 monke

  • Xavier Diaz

    Xavier Diaz

    2 giorni fa

    Am I the only one that like closed there eyes or squinted when he was washing the keyboard with the Alcohol thinking it'd splash in my eyes

  • Brenda Bowman

    Brenda Bowman

    2 giorni fa

    do you do this for a hobby or is this your job?

  • Rein_ Wolfy

    Rein_ Wolfy

    2 giorni fa

    Hmm... This apple juice tastes a bit... uh- strange... Did I miss a step?

    (I have no clue what I am doing-)

  • Ivan's World

    Ivan's World

    3 giorni fa

    theres nothing better than having a freshly cleaned keyboard. love all your videos. love the stop motion animation. love the way you disassemble and assemble all your products. just wondering do you own all these restoration items you show on here? restoration is challenging work so props for this guy. you should be paid more for doing this!! good job! keep it up!

  • Sú Phương

    Sú Phương

    3 giorni fa




    3 giorni fa

    Can I buy that from you?

  • Alqn Rddft

    Alqn Rddft

    4 giorni fa


  • BrokeGamer567


    4 giorni fa

    you make my day tysm

  • Gene Danielle Tan

    Gene Danielle Tan

    4 giorni fa

    was that even necessary lol

  • Shayma Damak

    Shayma Damak

    4 giorni fa

    The best asmr ever

  • Hoàng Lê

    Hoàng Lê

    4 giorni fa


  • Aerick McCandless

    Aerick McCandless

    5 giorni fa

    Did anyone notice that it was qwertz instead of qwerty lol

  • Meriç Suna

    Meriç Suna

    5 giorni fa

    burn the witch

  • Computer Science with Mrs. Jenkins

    Computer Science with Mrs. Jenkins

    5 giorni fa

    When you started taking out everything I thought it is he just breaking the keyboard?

  • 馒头


    5 giorni fa

    the stop motion is amazing AND soundtrack for the clicking keycap is funny

  • Emor Tion

    Emor Tion

    6 giorni fa

    My Keyboard Just RGB

  • Nathan Jones

    Nathan Jones

    6 giorni fa

    The how to make apple juice was funny

  • Samid


    6 giorni fa


  • zanesmith666


    7 giorni fa

    i really have to say, i hate those watering cans. why isnt the hole at the tip of the beak? my parents have some and they annoy me

  • Ruby EggRollz

    Ruby EggRollz

    7 giorni fa

    Apple's going to try and sue you for repairing their equipment

  • Saguar_Gamening


    8 giorni fa

    WOW i subscibe

  • Lonely_sunset


    8 giorni fa

    Nice try i still smell an un popped bubble 🥸

  • liamburnt


    8 giorni fa

    My teeth but its a keyboard

  • Ajju ARA

    Ajju ARA

    8 giorni fa

    Really love what you did in this video

  • Rebecca Watson

    Rebecca Watson

    8 giorni fa

    The 'Z' and 'Y' are mixed up



    9 giorni fa

    12:00 - Почему на клавиатуре две клавиши «U” ?

  • Paytah Blazed

    Paytah Blazed

    9 giorni fa

    idk what that pen screw grabber thing is, all I know is, I want one

  • Sneersh


    9 giorni fa

    "Adjustable for increased comfort" yeah right, the way it splits open makes me uncomfortable

  • Jonathan Avitua

    Jonathan Avitua

    10 giorni fa

    1:18 "The CLAW!!! CLAW chooses who will go and who will stay!"

  • Napsteri


    10 giorni fa


  • Potato Bananas

    Potato Bananas

    11 giorni fa

    *When your quality is at 1080p so you can see every particle on the keyboard*

  • Collin Kerns

    Collin Kerns

    11 giorni fa

    omg i love your vid so ice

  • Falcon Adam

    Falcon Adam

    12 giorni fa

    Really like this one and gadgets like it, don't know how to describe it, multifunctional without being super high tech

  • Hitesh Mittal

    Hitesh Mittal

    12 giorni fa


  • TechTube


    13 giorni fa

    pls tell me tell me ha isnt acctual honey

  • anbu samy

    anbu samy

    13 giorni fa

    My keyboard looks awesome

  • Milind Prajapat

    Milind Prajapat

    13 giorni fa

    Can we turn mobile phone silicone transparent back cover white again using this UV treatment?

  • Infectious


    14 giorni fa

    4:31 HowToBasic

  • Ronald Mexico

    Ronald Mexico

    14 giorni fa

    You swapped the z and the y keys

  • Pinkie Love

    Pinkie Love

    14 giorni fa

    Junk into polished junk

  • Keoni C

    Keoni C

    15 giorni fa

    Hahaha thank you, I was having a thought that Tysy uses a lot of hydrogen peroxide 12% and then I read "yes, I reuse the hydrogen peroxide" 😂
    So good. Thanks for being super good at what you do!

  • Nedza D

    Nedza D

    15 giorni fa

    eau oxygéné, boom t'es fr

    • Nedza D

      Nedza D

      15 giorni fa

      ou au moins francophone

  • DMNxHisoka


    15 giorni fa

    I think the 'z' in the keyboard is misplaced
    with 'y'

  • ឵឵


    15 giorni fa

    The better butterfly keyboard

  • aleks march

    aleks march

    16 giorni fa

    great work! are there linear cream alps switches?

  • Jamy Leach

    Jamy Leach

    16 giorni fa

    No bobbing for apples jokes during the soaking?

  • Fluffy


    16 giorni fa

    A keyboard surgeon!
    How professional!

  • The Carnival

    The Carnival

    17 giorni fa

    Don’t be dr octopus. Do it with your own hands

  • Chill and watch Movies

    Chill and watch Movies

    18 giorni fa


  • Frank Käuver

    Frank Käuver

    18 giorni fa

    This is insane. There are no broke things, just dirty things.

  • Soham Sovit Praharaj

    Soham Sovit Praharaj

    18 giorni fa

    TheRelaxingEnd 2.0

  • Kasper Lindvig Jørgensen

    Kasper Lindvig Jørgensen

    18 giorni fa

    The retro-bleaching might get a lot faster if you don't place glass between the UV source and the H2O2 solution. Glass generally absorbs a lot of UV.
    Nice video, i love you projects and your style :)

  • wike mazowski

    wike mazowski

    18 giorni fa

    Finally, I’m not the only person who makes apple juice like that!

  • wike mazowski

    wike mazowski

    18 giorni fa

    4:30 anyone else just get a cup of water and just throw a whole apple keyboard and apple in there?

  • Xenoblade Chronicals 2

    Xenoblade Chronicals 2

    18 giorni fa

    Even apple couldn’t spell QWERTY

  • Avraham Stern

    Avraham Stern

    19 giorni fa

    hey its cool keyboard, can it run on standard pc ? it looks like ps2 connec

  • CrimsonComet


    20 giorni fa

    Something tells me TysyTube might've had a bit _too_ much fun with this...

  • Kushal :D

    Kushal :D

    20 giorni fa

    Don't act over smart Don't just show off

  • Vaggelis Basoukas

    Vaggelis Basoukas

    20 giorni fa

    If you'd just changed the apple button to a windows button.

  • Amadeus Cardenas

    Amadeus Cardenas

    20 giorni fa

    Lol gr8

  • Falcon Adam

    Falcon Adam

    20 giorni fa

    The seller told you not to buy it, didn’t know if it was working and was expensive? Hmmm

  • 。こふね


    20 giorni fa


  • R. Berg.

    R. Berg.

    21 giorno fa

    When I watched the reassembly, I thought…..this is exactly how they must have did it at the factory. A worker sitting at a bench with bins in front of them containing all the parts and screws putting everything together in order, no soldering…just plugging pieces in…a dozen times a day.

  • |•itzzirシ


    21 giorno fa


  • Arin Mirai

    Arin Mirai

    21 giorno fa


  • Ryan Wilson

    Ryan Wilson

    21 giorno fa

    You made it so much more yellow in the thumbnail…….

    • TysyTube Restoration

      TysyTube Restoration

      21 giorno fa

      like usual 🤣

  • Alex


    21 giorno fa

    Instructions unclear, swallowed 27 keys

  • Super Duper

    Super Duper

    22 giorni fa

    Apple is the best at making useless products.

  • francis lingat

    francis lingat

    22 giorni fa

    I hope you restore that bubble wrap too lols

  • Strictly PUBG

    Strictly PUBG

    22 giorni fa

    Literally only paying for the name 😂

  • Bill Vine

    Bill Vine

    22 giorni fa

    Our keyboard is the Dell monitor it's dirty

  • Arctica


    22 giorni fa

    That screw grabber is pretty creepy, hahaha. I like it.

  • Mehedi Hasan

    Mehedi Hasan

    22 giorni fa

    no bubble can escape me🤣🤣

  • Matt Ozby Cosby

    Matt Ozby Cosby

    23 giorni fa

    3:48 worse

  • GretchTheZ


    24 giorni fa

    The yellow is coming back eventually and we know it.

  • Bike 416

    Bike 416

    24 giorni fa

    im pretty sure the other ADB port is for connecting a mouse as older macintoshis didnt have 2 ADB ports. right?

  • Conan James Evans

    Conan James Evans

    24 giorni fa

    Idea, put some of the dust you collect under a microscope and see what it is.

  • Mike W

    Mike W

    25 giorni fa

    Why did you break the keyboard down the middle?

  • Science at home

    Science at home

    25 giorni fa

    is your uv lights can kill virus.

  • Sandun Nissanka

    Sandun Nissanka

    26 giorni fa


  • miss demi

    miss demi

    27 giorni fa

    Pretty sure most of that "dust" was Doritos

  • Brian Lanning

    Brian Lanning

    27 giorni fa

    Do you throw away the hydrogen peroxide afterwards or can you save it and use it again?

  • Darthane


    27 giorni fa

    Those UV lamps are only UV-A, I take it? UV-B and UV-C wouldn't penetrate the glass, let alone the plastic tub.

  • Yo soy brai

    Yo soy brai

    28 giorni fa

    Soy el único que habla español jaja

  • Amin Saiful

    Amin Saiful

    28 giorni fa

    Im happy to see it's working. good job!

  • John Kidd

    John Kidd

    28 giorni fa

    I have one of these. What I want to see is how to turn it into a USB keyboard

  • Vijay Kumar

    Vijay Kumar

    28 giorni fa

    I love the sound effects 🤗

  • MrRetroUK


    28 giorni fa

    I absolutely love this channel. but using the matt side of the tin foil, and how wasteful he is with the chemicals gives me anxiety.

  • Roastify


    28 giorni fa

    12:04 QWERTZ 😆

  • Goldinator


    29 giorni fa

    May i ask something, if anyone can awnser. How come he uses 12% isoprobal alcohaul on the yellowed pieces but uses 100% on the electronics, what is the difference.

  • mordeys


    29 giorni fa

    "how's your keyboard?" getting a little personal there aren't ya buddy.. its none of your business..
    i just don't wanna talk about it..
    ok fine there may or may not be chezits dust.. buts all..

  • lubna s

    lubna s

    Mese fa

    As a dentist, we use the same mechanism for bleaching teeth. Hydrogen peroxide and uv light.